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About Us

It is my privilege to welcome you to the College of Agriculture, Family Sciences and Technology! 

We are part of an 1890 Land Grant University with responsibilities that are wide and complex as we educate our constituencies with academic, research and Cooperative Extension programming.

The College is committed to innovation and helping to prepare the next generation of workers in Georgia's largest industry--Agriculture, which is a major contributor to the state's economy and is a major source of employment for the state. Our educational mission to prepare, support and serve our constituencies to be productive members of the workforce of Georgia is a mission that extends nationally and internationally as we represent the Georgia industry of agriculture globally.

As you peruse the website you will find our excellent undergraduate (B.S.) and graduate (M.S.) programs in a number of areas led by world class and sometimes international experts in fields of biotechnology, ruminant physiology and tissue culture research. The College is ranked nationally in the production of African American Agriculturists. The College has also been the University's leader in placing first time applicants into medical, dental, veterinary and pharmacy schools for almost 20 years. The College has some of the most modern and well-equipped laboratories in the state and our scientists are securing external grant funds and conducting cutting edge research. The success of our students in entering professional schools and employment demonstrates the value of the experience that they have in the laboratories and classrooms in the College of Agriculture, Family Sciences and Technology at Forth Valley State University.

Please feel free to visit or contact me as you enter the fascinating world of agriculture at Fort Valley State University!


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Interim Dean, College of Agriculture, Family Sciences and Technology