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Doctor of Philosophy: Reproductive Physiology - University of Reading, Reading, England, UK (1982)

Master of Science: Animal Production - University of Reading, Reading, England, UK (1978)

Bachelor of Science (Honors): Agriculture (Animal Science) - University of Ghana, Legon, Ghana (1974)

Professional Experience

2012-Present: Head of Department of Agricultural Sciences - Fort Valley State University

2008-2012: Interim Chair, Department of Agricultural Sciences - Fort Valley State University

1986-Present: Professor, Animal Science - Fort Valley State University

July-September, 1993: Visiting Scientist - USDA, Gene Evaluation & Mapping Lab.

January-March, 1991: USDA, Reproduction Lab Beltsville, MD.

1984-1986: Lecturer/Researcher - University of the South Pacific, Western Samoa

1974-1977: Assistant Research Officer - Animal Research Institute, CSIR, Ghana

Research Interests

  • Manipulation of photoperiod and hormones to control breeding in seasonal temperate goats:
    • Long and short photoperiods are successfully controlled in rooms to stimulate breeding in the anestrous period of temperate breeds.
    • Hormones such as prostaglandins, gonadotropins and melatonin have been used to manipulate breeding patterns of seasonally sensitive temperate breeds of goat.
  • Culturing & Maturation of Gametes, and In vitro fertilization of goat ova for transfer during the anestrous season:
    • Oocytes from Swiss Alpine and Saanen breeds born and raised in Georgia are successfully matured and fertilized in vitro during the non-breeding season.
    • Embryo production through in vitro fertilization technology could be an alternative approach to circumvent seasonal anestrus in temperate climates.
  • Toward transgenic goat production:
    • Working closely with Dr. Mahipal Singh on myostatin gene construct for goat cells.



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