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Free workshop offers value added opportunity

Date Published: 05/03/2013 1:00PM


A free class could offer residents a new skill that has the potential to earn money. On May 7-9, Dr. Roger Merkel, a Langston University associate professor for the American Institute for Goat Research, will teach a hands-on tanning workshop at Fort Valley State University's Meat Technology Center. The workshop will begin at 2 p.m., Tuesday, May 7.

Tanning is the conversion of raw animal hide into material that doesn't decay, such as leather. Merkel said the workshop at FVSU is designed to teach participants the art of tanning goat skins with hair.

Merkel said persons who attend his workshops include farmers and ranchers who want to fully utilize animals they harvest for meat or dairy products. Participants also include people interested in learning the craft as a means to generate profit.

Dr. Brou Kouakou, director of FVSU's Georgia Small Ruminant Research and Extension Center, said this is helpful, because it provides a value-added opportunity that can be useful when processing animals at the facility. It may also be useful information for the clientele served through the center.

To pre-register, contact Latonia Hooks, (478) 825-6320. For more information, contact Kouakou at (478) 827-3091 or kouakoub@fvsu.edu.