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Twiggs County residents enjoy “A Healthy Night Out”

Published: 12/02/2013 4:15PM
By: booner


Frances Steele (front) joins other Twiggs County residents during a Zumba class at the “Twiggs County Healthy Night Out” in Jeffersonville Nov. 15. 

Residents of Twiggs County flocked to the local high school Nov. 15. Not in support of the home team, but to enjoy a fun filled evening focusing on health and wellness.

Fort Valley State University’s Cooperative Extension Program, along with FVSU’s 4-H Program, promoted healthy, active lifestyles by sponsoring “Twiggs County Healthy Night Out” in Jeffersonville. More than 700 residents attended and participated in yoga, Zumba, line dancing, a walk-a-thon and an exhibition basketball game.

Terralon Chaney, FVSU’s Twiggs County extension agent, said she was inspired to organize the event after visiting the National 4-H Center in Washington, D.C. “Most of the talk was on health and wellness,” Chaney said. “There were other states presenting information and flyers about yoga, Zumba, and other physically active programs for their communities. So I thought, ‘Why not do this at home in Twiggs,?’ ” Chaney said.

In addition, Chaney said the event is also a venue where families in the community can bond together. Frances Steele, a native of Jeffersonville, brought her grandson to the event and was excited about participating in the activities. She said she wishes events similar to “Twiggs County Healthy Night Out” were held at least four times a year. “You can see from the crowd tonight that this is needed, especially for health and wellness in the community.”

Steele said she is appreciative of the fact that FVSU’s Cooperative Extension Program sponsored the event. ”It is wonderful. At least someone is thinking about Twiggs County’s citizens and the youth here.”

Due to the turnout and interest, Chaney said there are plans to hold the event next year. “I have been Facebooked, received e-mails, texts and phone calls from parents asking if we will be having the ‘Twiggs County Healthy Night Out’ next year,” Chaney said. She also said a Twiggs County basketball coach approached her to restage the event in the spring.

The Wal-Mart Foundation, as part of the 4-H Healthy Living Initiative, provided funding for the event

For more information about FVSU’s 4-H program, contact Woodie Hughes Jr., FVSU’s 4-H interim program leader at (478) 825-6219 or send an e-mail to hughesw@fvsu.edu.