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Agricultural Economics students participate in quiz bowl

Published: 02/27/2013 11:20AM
By: booner


The Agricultural Economics Club at Fort Valley State University competed in the annual Southern Agricultural Economics Association Quiz Bowl in Orlando, Feb. 2-3.  More than 88 students representing 15 colleges and universities participated in the event. Ryan Clark, a senior and one of 13 students representing FVSU, helped his team (comprised of two students from other schools) advance to a second place finish. 

“Going to the quiz bowl was easily one of the best experiences in my life with respect to school, life and my future,” Clark said.  The other students representing FVSU are: Cynthia Allen, Joel Bright, Richmond Brou, Christopher Clark, Millicent Cosby, Billy Felts, Brittany Ford, Oneisha Gary, Brian Glover, Victoria King, Adam Williams, and Deyton Williams. Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim, associate professor of agricultural economics and coordinator of the FVSU Agricultural Economics Program and Jackie Whitehead, research assistant, accompanied the group on the trip.