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College of Agriculture reorganizes academic units, appoints department heads

Published: 12/10/2014 12:21PM
By: bradleyc

Two related programs were brought together recently to form a new department within Fort Valley State University's College of Agriculture, Family Sciences and Technology.

The Electronic Engineering Technology (EET) Program and the Agriculture Engineering Technology (AENT) Program joined to form the FVSU Department of Engineering Technology. The newly formed department will house the Bachelor of Science in EET and Bachelor of Science in AENT Programs. Dr. Archie Williams, a tenured associate professor of AENT, will chair the Department of Engineering Technology and coordinate the AENT Program and Dr. Domingo Uy will coordinate the EET Program.


Dr. Archie Williams, Head of the Department of Engineering Technology

"This merger will bring our efforts together, connect the two disciplines and expand opportunities for grants and research," Williams said. Dr. Archie Williams, a 1992 FVSU alumnus earned his doctorate in agricultural and biological engineering from Pennsylvania State University in 2006. Before accepting the position of coordinator for FVSU's AENT Program in 2010, Williams gained work experience from the U.S. Developmental Energy Program in Nevada and California and additional industry experience in the metro Atlanta area working for an electronics company.

In addition to the new department in the College of Agriculture, two faculty members were recently appointed to permanent department head positions. Dr. George McCommon, a tenured associate professor and interim chair for the FVSU Department of Veterinary Science and Public Health, is now the permanent department head for Veterinary Science and Public Health.


Dr. George McCommon, Head of the Department of Veterinary Science and Public Health

McCommon earned his doctorate of veterinary medicine from the University of Georgia's College of Veterinary Medicine in 1990. After earning his degree, McCommon served as a veterinarian for the city of Macon for more than nine years. In 1994, he decided to serve his country by joining the Georgia Army National Guard. During his service, McCommon became a member of the Georgia First Agribusiness Development Team. He was also deployed to Afghanistan as a major where he carried out a humanitarian mission, helping the people to reduce infectious diseases in animals, improve agricultural practices and promote agribusiness.


Dr. Vivian Fluellen, Head of the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

Furthermore, Dr. Vivian Fluellen interim head for the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences is now the permanent department head for Family and Consumer Sciences. Fluellen, a tenured associate professor of family and consumer sciences, earned her doctorate degree from Iowa State University in family and consumer sciences education. She has authored several publications and presented at numerous conferences. The FVSU alumna has also developed online courses for a financial planning certification program and secured more than $250,000 in external funds for FVSU. During her 25 years of service to FVSU, she's represented FVSU on multiple committees in the land-grant university network and served in leadership roles on several boards.


Dr. Eugene Amoah, Head of the Department of Agricultural Sciences

Lastly Dr. Eugene Amoah, head of the FVSU Department of Agricultural Sciences,will end his three year term as head June 2015. Amoah, who began teaching at FVSU in 1986, earned his doctorate degree in reproductive physiology from the University of Reading in England. While teaching in the animal science discipline, Amoah served as a mentor, motivating students to achieve their career goals. Amoah has also worked to secure more than $2 million in external funding and written numerous articles published in scientific journals and other scholarly publications. In addition to his academic appointment, Amoah served as a visiting scientist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture in the reproductive lab and the gene evolution and mapping lab.

"We believe the reorganization and the appointments we have made in the College's academic departments will enhance the efficiencies of our programs in terms of student enrollment, progression and completion," said Dr. Govind Kannan, dean of the College of Agriculture, Family Sciences and Technology. "I am confident in the abilities of the faculty members selected to chair the departments in providing the leadership necessary to steer their respective units in the right direction. These individuals have already demonstrated their commitments to their programs, to the College of Ag, and to this great institution," Kannan said.

"Fort Valley State University is eager to stabilize its leadership positions," said Dr. Jessica Bailey, provost and vice president for Academic Affairs. "These appointments add to the strength and viability of this institution."

For more information about the College of Agriculture, call 478-825- 6344 or visit online at ag.fvsu.edu.