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Farmers learn how to increase crop yields in soil fertility workshop

Published: 03/06/2015 11:30AM
By: booner


(Left) Stinson Troutman, Fort Valley State University’s Irwin County Extension agent, explains the proper way of using a soil sample tool to Hubert West of Montezuma at the Agricultural Technology Conference Center Feb. 25.

Irwin County Extension agent Stinson Troutman, organized a workshop for farmers called, Growers Mineral Solutions and Soil Fertility Workshop, Feb. 25 at FVSU’s Agricultural Technology Conference Center.

Troutman said the purpose of the workshop was to educate and train farmers on how to properly use tools in collecting soil samples. Troutman said the samples are important in helping farmers determine how much fertilizer and lime to apply in order to gain high yield harvests.

During the workshop, farmers listened to soil professionals from Growers Mineral Solutions, a fertilizer company located in Ohio, and other FVSU Extension agents on the importance of soil samples. They also shared how to accurately use the test results to their benefit. Farmers also received information on fertilizer calculations, formulas and methods of verifying soil quality.

Hubert West, a livestock and vegetable farmer from Montezuma, said he plans to use the information he learned immediately in fertilizing his land. West said the most important thing he gathered from attending the workshop is how to interpret soil sample analysis and follow the recommendations of those results using measuring techniques.

For more information about future soil fertility workshops, contact Stinson Troutman at 478-235-8696, 229-468-7409 or troutmans@fvsu.edu