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Florida farmers learn new opportunities through FVSU research center

Published: 09/19/2012 8:46AM
By: admin


Terrell Hollis (right), manager of Fort Valley State University’s meat processing facility, provides a tour Sept. 13 for small ranchers and farmers from Florida.

Fifteen small farmers and ranchers from Florida visited the meat and the dairy technology units at the Georgia Small Ruminant Research and Extension Center on Fort Valley State University’s campus Sept. 13. Faith Clarke of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University’s Cooperative Extension Program, organized the group. Clarke, coordinator of management analysis, said the purpose of the visit was to expose small producers to opportunities that could add value to their businesses.

“This is a perfect match because you have the processing facility and the dairy where you make soap and ice cream,” Clarke said, referring to the center known for its products such as these, which are made from goat milk. She said exposing the group to revenue-adding opportunities will help to increase and jumpstart their productions.