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FVSU professor oversees international journal

Published: 09/02/2015 4:49PM
By: booner


Dr. Young Park, a professor of food science at Fort Valley State University, serves as editor-in-chief of the Open Journal of Animal Sciences.

Dr. Young W. Park, a professor of food science at Fort Valley State University, is heading an international journal that provides up-to-date information about animal sciences.

Park is serving as editor-in-chief of the Open Journal of Animal Sciences (OJAS). The journal is an international publication focusing on the latest advancements in various fields of animal sciences. Subject matters include animal behavior, production, feeding, nutrition, breeding, genetics, hygiene and animal products of all domesticated and wildlife animal species.

The FVSU professor said editor-in-chief indicates that the person possesses expertise in the field of animal science and is recognized by a scientific audience. “I feel happy to represent FVSU as a faculty member [and] as editor of this journal,” Park said. Park, named editor-in-chief in 2013, plans to remain at his post for several more years.

Being a chief scribe is not unusual work for Park. He is serving as editor-in-chief of three other journals which include the Journal of Advances in Dairy Research, Journal of Nutritional Science and Food Technology and Frontiers in Food Science and Technology. Park, known as a world renowned scientist in his field of research, has authored and co-authored more than 300 articles, papers and books concerning milk and dairy products, food chemistry and animal science areas, especially in goat milk production.

“Dr. Park is an outstanding faculty member in the College of Agriculture, Family Sciences and Technology.  As an accomplished professor and scholar, he sets high standards for himself and serves as a role model for junior faculty in the College,” said Dr. Govind Kannan, dean of FVSU’s College of Agriculture.

The OJAS receives articles and papers from scientists worldwide. It also provides scientists a venue to exchange information and gives them a knowledge resource in the animal science field. Its website received more than 557,389 visitors with 289,825 downloads of information.

Park’s professional works are further displayed at www.capridairyworld.org. For more information about the OJAS, contact Park at 478-827-3089 or parky@fvsu.edu.