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Georgia Farm Bureau committee holds meeting at FVSU

Published: 03/11/2014 11:43AM
By: booner


Dr. Brou Kouakou (front, left), director of the Georgia Small Ruminant Research and Extension Center on campus, poses with members of the Georgia Farm Bureau Goat and Sheep Commodity Advisory Committee March 5 at the Houston Stallworth Research Building.

The Georgia Farm Bureau’s Goat and Sheep Commodity Advisory Committee held its first meeting for 2014 at Fort Valley State University’s Houston Stallworth Research Building March 5. The Goat and Sheep Commodity Committee is one of 20 commodity advisory committees supervised by the Georgia Farm Bureau. It is a volunteer based unit formed to help implement the policies of the Georgia Farm Bureau.

Before conducting the meeting, committee members listened to presentations from FVSU research scientists Dr. Thomas Terrill, associate professor of animal science, Dr. Mahipal Singh, associate professor of animal biotechnology and Dr. Brou Kouakou, associate professor of sheep and goat nutrition. The presentations provided information about research concerning sheep and goats. Greg Phillips, chairman of the committee, said FVSU is highly regarded for its expertise in sheep and goat production and nutrition.

Before leaving the campus, the committee was treated to a tour of the Georgia Small Ruminant Research and Extension Center (GSRREC) and FVSU’s Meat Technology Center. For more information about the GSRREC, contact Kouakou at (478) 827-3091 or e-mail at kouakoub@fvsu.edu.