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Growers learn about organic gardening from FVSU

Published: 07/25/2014 6:44PM
By: booner


(From left) Dr. James Brown, interim assistant dean for the College of Agriculture, Family Sciences and Technology and professor of horticulture at Fort Valley State University, speaks to Johnny Abbott of Warner Robins and Fredando Jackson of Albany during the Organic Fruits and Vegetables workshop July 23

A 2011 survey conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) states that certified organic farmers sold more than $3.5 billion in products which included fruits, vegetables and livestock. To help enlighten people interested in raising crops using chemical free methods, Fort Valley State University was the site for the Organic Fruits and Vegetables Workshop July 23.

The workshop, held at FVSU’s Agricultural Technology Conference Center (ATCC), attracted more than 75 people. Dr. James Brown, FVSU’s interim assistant dean of academic programs for the College of Agriculture, Family Sciences and Technology and professor of horticulture said growers were informed on the latest modern technology, rules and regulations regarding organic gardening.

In addition, workshop attendees listened to lectures from FVSU Extension personnel, agricultural professors, and USDA professionals on topics ranging from using plastic mulch to growing organic fruits.

One of the attendees, Fredando Jackson, is a farmer with Healthy Living Farms in Albany. The south Georgia native said the more you sit in a room with people growing produce, you share information and create a network with other farmers experiencing common situations. Jackson also said that collaboration with farmers is the key to a successful operation. “The end goal is to create a good, affordable, healthy product for their neighbors and their communities,” Jackson said.

For more information about upcoming workshops, contact Dr. Erika Styles at 478-835-1986, 478-825-6801 or stylese@fvsu.edu.