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Mobile unit provides site for record keeping training

Published: 10/05/2015 2:27PM
By: booner


Fort Valley State University’s Mobile Information Technology Center served as a site for computer training in Albany at the Farm and Financial Management Training Workshop Sept. 29.

Fort Valley State University’s Mobile Information Technology Center (MITC) recently stopped at the Dougherty County Extension Office Sept. 29 for the Farm and Financial Management Record Keeping Workshop.

From 9-11 a.m., the MITC provided more than 15 wives of farmers in southwest Georgia a venue to receive computerized instructions for organizing records of farming operations.

“The purpose of this farm financial management training is to target women who are wives of farmers and help them become better record keepers,” said Charlie Grace, FVSU’s Extension agent for Dougherty County. He said some farmers are too busy in the field and don’t have time to maintain records, and wives can provide needed assistance in that area.

The training exercise is part of Annie’s Project, a federally funded program designed to enhance women’s skills in problem solving, record keeping and critical decisions needed to operate modern day farms.

Grace said record keeping is very important. He added in order for farmers to continue their participation in government programs such as the Farm Service Agency (FSA) or the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), they must maintain accurate records concerning crop production. “We want them (farmers) to understand a record keeping system from a computer technology standpoint,” Grace said.

Erma Wilburn and her husband Lawton own a produce farm in Worth County. “I think it is important for me in particular, to get that kind of training because often, my husband doesn’t have time to do that,” she said.  Wilburn added her husband needs help keeping up with receipts, and due to the training she received, she will immediately begin organizing them on a computer.

Wilburn said she would recommend women married to farmers attend record keeping classes implementing the use of computers. “They would learn a system that is much easier to help them keep records. You will have to get some basic training in managing a computer. Once you get that, it’s really going to help keep your records straight,” Wilburn said.

For more information about future workshops in the Dougherty County area, contact Grace at 229-436-7216 or gracec@fvsu.edu.