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Brou Kouakou, PhD

Associate Dean for Research and Director of Office of International Agriculture, Professor of Animal Science

(478) 827-3091

(478) 825-6376


Academic Program: Animal Science

Research Area: Small Ruminants

Research Interests:
  • Intermediary metabolism
  • Basic forages and supplements for small ruminants
  • Sustainable goat production systems for limited-resource farmers

Doctor of Philosophy: Ruminant nutrition - University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR (1995)

Master of Science: Animal Science - University of California (UC), Davis, CA (1991)

DIA Diplome d'Ingenieur Agronome - Option zootechnie - ENSA, Abidjan, Côte D'Ivoire (1987)

DUES: Chimie-Biologie-geologie - Universite nationale, D'Abidjan, Côte D'Ivoire (1984)

Recent Publications/Presentations:

Kouakou, B., J. H. lee and G. Kannan. 2009. Effects of high soybean oil for goats in late lactation on intake, milk composition and fatty acid profile. Tropical and Subtropical Agroecosystems. 11:233-236.

Kouakou, B., O. S. Gazal, T. H. Terrill, G. Kannan, S. Gelaye, and E. A. Amoah, 2008.  Digestibility, hormones and blood metabolites in dairy bucks subjected to underfeeding and refeeding.  Small Ruminant Research  75:171-176

Gutta, V.R., G. Kannan, J.H. Lee, B. Kouakou, and W.R. Getz. 2009. Influences of short-term pre-slaughter dietary manipulation in sheep and goats on pH and microbial loads of gastrointestinal tract. Small Rumin. Res. 81:21-28.

Lee, J.H, B. Kouakou, and G. Kannan. 2009. Influences of dietary regimens on microbial content in gastrointestinal tracts of meat goats. Livestock Sci. 125:249-253.

Vanguru, M., J.H. Lee, B. Kouakou, T.H. Terrill, and G. Kannan. 2009. Effect of feed deprivation time on bacterial contamination of skin and carcass in meat goats. Tropical & Subtropical Agroecosystems 11:259-261.

Lee, J.H., M. Vanguru, G. Kannan, D.A. Moore, T. H. Terrill, and B. Kouakou. 2009. Influence of dietary condensed tannins from sericea lespedeza hay on bacterial loads in gastrointestinal tracts of meat goats. Livestock Sci. 126:314-317.

Gadiyaram, K. M.  G. Kannan, T. D. Pringle, B. Kouakou, K. W. McMillin, and Y. W. Park, 2008. Effects of postmortem carcass electrical stimulation on goat meat quality characteristics.  Small Ruminant Research 78:106-114.

Moore, D. A., T. H. Terrill, B. Kouakou, S. A. Shaik, J. A. Mosjidis, J. E. Miller, M. Vanguru, G. Kannan, and J. M. Burke, 2008.  The effects of feeding sericea lespedeza hay on growth rate of goats naturally infected with gastrointestinal nematodes.  Journal of Animal Science 86:2328-2337.

Lee, J. H., B. Kouakou, G. Kannan, 2008.  Chemical composition and quality characteristics of chevon from goats fed three different post weaning diets.  Small Ruminant Research 75:177-184.

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 Kannan, G., A. K. Jenkins, K. R. Eega, B. Kouakou, and G. W. McCommon, 2007.  Preslaughter Spray-washing effects on physiological stress responses and skin and carcass microbial counts in goats.  Small Ruminant Research 67:14-19.

Kannan, G., K. E. Saker, T. H. Terrill, B. Kouakou, S. Galipalli, and S. Gelaye, 2007.  Effect of seaweed extract supplementation in goats exposed to simulated preslaughter stress.  Small Ruminant Research 73:221-227.

Kannan, G., T. H. Terrill, B. Kouakou, and S. Galipalli, 2007.  Blood metabolite changes and live weight loss following brown seaweed extract supplementation in goats subjected to stress. Small Ruminant Research 73:228-234.

Lee, J. H., G. Kannan and B. Kouakou, 2006. Concentration and distribution of conjugated linoleic acids (CLA) and trans fatty acids in small ruminant milk and meat lipids. J. Food Lipids 13:100-111.

Shaik, S.A., T.H. Terrill, J.E. Miller, B. Kouakou, G. Kannan, R. M. Kaplan, J.M. Burke, and J.A. Mosjidis, 2006. Sericea lespedeza hay as a natural deworming agent against Haemonchus contortus infection in goats. Veterinary Parasitology 139:150-157.

Kannan, G., K.M. Gadiyaram, S. Galipalli, A. Carmichael, B. Kouakou, T.D. Pringle, K.W. McMillin and S. Gelaye. 2006. Meat quality in goats as influenced by dietary protein and energy level and postmortem aging. Small Rumin. Res. 61:45-52

Kouakou, B., S. Gelaye, G. Kannan, T.D. Pringle, and E.A. Amoah. 2005. Blood metabolites, meat quality and muscle calpain-calpastatin activities in goats treated with low doses of recombinant bovine somatotropin. Small Rumin. Res. 57: 203