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Jung Hoon Lee, PhD

Research Associate and Professor of Food Science

(478) 827-1328

(478) 825-6376


Academic Program: Food Science

Research Area: Food Safety

Research Interests:
  • Principle academic interest including food chemistry/food analysis, food product development, and food preservation, as well as statistics.
  • Research interest including functional components in foods and physiochemical properties of lipids, utilization of agricultural by-products, and health benefits of phytochemicals, as well as meat and dairy product development with the emphasis on storage stability and nutritional issues.

Doctor of Philosophy: Food Science and Technology with Minor in Statistics - University of Tennessee; Knoxville, Tennessee (2000)

Master of Science: Food Science and Technology - University of Tennessee; Knoxville, Tennessee (1997)

Bachelor of Science: Food Science and Technology - Oregon State University; Corvallis, Oregon (1994)

Recent Publications/Presentations:

L. O. Pordesimo, H. Li, J. H. Lee, and B. Reddick. 2004. Effects of drying procedure, cultivar, and harvest number on capsaicin levels in dried Jalapeño peppers. Appl. Eng. Agric. 20 (1):35-38.

J.H. Lee*, S.L. Melton, J.C. Waller, and A.M. Saxton. 2004. Modification of physiochemical characteristics of goat milk fat by feeding protected high oleic sunflower oil supplements. J. Food Sci. 69:280-286.

J.H. Lee*, J.C. Waller, S.L. Melton, A.M. Saxton and L.O. Pordesimo. 2004. Feeding encapsulated ground full-fat soybean supplements to increase polyunsaturated fat levels and effect on flavor volatiles in fresh lamb. J. Anim. Sci. 82:2734-2741.

Park, Y.W., J.H. Lee*, and K.L. Arora. 2004. Effect of 6 months prolonged frozen-storage on changes in organic acid composition of plain soft goat milk cheese. South African J. Anim. Sci. 34: Suppl. 1:186-188.

J.H. Lee*, J.C. Waller, and S.L. Melton. 2005. Enhancing ?-tocopherol and linoleic acid in ewe's milk by feeding emulsified sunflower oil and DL-?-tocopheryl acetate in a chemically treated protein matrix. J. Agric. Food Chem. 53:6463-6468.

Y.W. Park and J.H. Lee*. 2006. Effect of freezing on organic acid contents and lipolytic index of plain soft and Monterey Jack goat milk cheeses. Small Rumin. Res. 63:58-65.

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J.H. Lee*, J.C. Waller, Y. Yilmaz, and S.L. Melton. 2007. Effect of feeding rumen-protected dietary protein-oil supplements on fatty acid composition and ?-tocopherol content of blood serum and muscle lipids of lambs. Small Rumin. Res. 72:101-110.

J.H. Lee*, G. Kannan, K. Eega, B. Kouakou, and W.R. Getz. 2008. Nutritional and quality characteristics of meat from goats and lambs finished under identical dietary regimen. Small Rumin. Res. 74:255-259.

J.H. Lee*, B. Kouakou, and G. Kannan. 2008. Chemical composition and quality characteristics of chevon from goats fed three different post-weaning diets. Small Rumin. Res. 75:177-184.

V.R. Gutta, G. Kannan, J.H. Lee*, B. Kouakou, and W.R. Getz. 2009. Influences of short-term pre-slaughter dietary manipulation in sheep and goats on pH and microbial loads of gastrointestinal tract. Small Rumin. Res. 81:21-28.

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