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Xuanli Liu, PhD

Associate Professor

(478) 825-6831

(478) 825-6376


Academic Program: Agricultural Economics

Research Area: Agricultural Economics

Research Interests:
  • Risk Management and Risk Analysis
  • Economics of Organic Farming
  • Economics of Food Safety
  • Quantitative Analysis

PhD: Agricultural Economics - University of Nebraska-Lincoln (2002)

Recent Publications/Presentations:

Liu, X., N. Mack, N. Pattanaik, and M. Ibrahim. 2019. The Choice to Go Organic: Evidence from Georgia Small Farms, Journal of Agricultural Science. Vol. 10 No. 12, 1566-1580

Ibrahim, M., B. Onyango, N. Pattanaik, and X. Liu, 2018. Current Trends, U.S. Immigration Policies, and Marketing Strategies for Goat Meat, Journal of Food Distribution Research 49(1):70-77

Ibrahim M., N. Pattanaik, B. Onyango and X. Liu. 2016. “Factors Influencing Potential Demand for Goat Meat in Georgia.” Journal of Food Distribution Research 48(1):93–98

Liu, X., N. Mack, A. Mahapatra, and E. Style. 2014. “Perceptions of Information Gaps in the Farm-to-Table Study.” Journal of Food Control, 50, 663-669.

Gosukonda, R., A. K. Mahapatra, X. Liu, and K. Govindarajan. 2014. “Application of Artificial Neural Network to Predict Escherichia Coli O157:H7 inactivation.” Journal of Food Control, 47, 606-614.

Liu, X., M. Nelson, and E. Styles. 2013. “Validating the Demand for Goat Meat in the US Meat Market” Journal of Agricultural Science. Vol.4, No.10, 549-557