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Karla M. Hollis

USDA/1890 Program Liaison

(478) 825-6298

(478) 825-6299


  • Enhance and expand the relationship between USDA and FVSU by developing outreach programs involving 4-H, small and limited resource farmers, and other FVSU agricultural programs by inviting USDA and community persons to the campus to showcase its agricultural and related science programs
  • Assist in the development of new ideas and approaches to reach small and limited resource farmers in Georgia and the surrounding community by being an active participant with the GA Food and Agriculture Council, Team Agriculture Georgia (TAG), the USDA Strikeforce Initiative and other partnering groups in order to reach underrepresented populations
  • Assist in recruitment and retention of students in agriculture and USDA related disciplines and provide students with employment opportunities within USDA by holding campus seminars and conducting high school presentations and classroom visits
  • Coordinate new programs of mutual interest between USDA and FVSU by creating ideas for programs for USDA, FVSU and stakeholders to view the benefits of each.
  • 2009 USDA/Agricultural Marketing Service Administrator's Award for Civil Rights

Master of Science: Agricultural Economics (International Trade and Marketing concentration) - North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, Greensboro, NC (1999)

Bachelor of Science: Agricultural Economics - Fort Valley State University (1995)

Recent Publications/Presentations:

Grain Transportation Prospects report – USDA quarterly online publication (www.ams.usda.gov), 2000-2002.

An Economic Study of Tariff-Rate Quotas as Related to the U.S. Tobacco Market – Master's Thesis, 1999.

Grain Transportation Report – Weekly USDA publication (online and hardcopy – www.ams.usda.gov), 1998-1999, 2003-2004.

The Issues of Tariff Rate Quotas – Paper and presentation for Annual Professional Agricultural Workers Conference (PAWC) Meeting, 1997.

Georgia's Growing, Newsletter for Ag in the Classroom, Georgia Farm Bureau Federation, Feature Articles for 1995-1996.