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Hao Qiu, PhD

Associate Professor of Electronic Engineering Technology

(478) 825-6880


Academic Program: Electronic Engineering Technology

  • Bio-electrics
  • High Power Microwaves
  • Pulsed Power
  • Numerical electromagnetics

Doctor of Philosophy: Electrical & Computer Engineering - Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA (2014)

Recent Publications/Presentations:

H. Qiu, S. Xiao, R.P. Joshi, "Simulations of Voltage Transients Across Intracellular Mitochondrial Membranes Due to Nanosecond Electrical Pulsing", IEEE Trans. Plasma Science, vol.42,p. 3113-3120, 03/19/2014.

H. Qiu, S. Prasad, L. Ludeking, R.P.Joshi, and E.Schamiloglu, "Assessing the Role of Secondary Electron Emission on the Characteristics of 6-Cavity Magnetrons With Transparent Cathode Through Particle-in-Cell Simulations", Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 115, issue 19, p. 193303, 5/2014.

Hao Qiu, R.P. Joshi, "Simulation of Nanoparticle Based Enhancement of Cellular Electroporation for Biomedical Applications", Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 16, p. 184701, 11/11/ 2014.

R. P. Joshi, H. Qiu, and R. K. Tripathi, "Evaluation of a combined electrostatic and magnetostatic configuration for active space-radiation shielding," Advances in Space Research, vol. 51, pp. 1784-1791, 5/1/2013.

R. P. Joshi, H. Qiu, and R. K. Tripathi, "Configuration studies for active electrostatic space radiation shielding," Acta Astronautica, vol. 88, pp. 138-145, 7/2013.

Q. Hu, Z. Zhang, H. Qiu, M. G. Kong, and R. P. Joshi, "Physics of nanoporation and water entry driven by a high-intensity, ultrashort electrical pulse in the presence of membrane hydrophobic interactions," Physical Review E, vol. 87, p. 032704, 03/07/ 2013.


"Evaluation of Secondary Electron Emission effects in the A6 Magnetron with transparent cathodes using MAGIC", ICOPS/BEAMS 2014 (The 41st IEEE International Conference on Plasma Science and the 20th International Conference on High-Power Particle Beams), May25-29, 2014, Washington DC.