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Awad M. Eldurssi, PhD

Assistant Professor of Electronic Engineering Technology

(478) 825-6881


Academic Program: Electronic Engineering Technology

  • Renewable energy
  • Smart and micro grids
  • Optimization techniques

Doctor of Philosophy: Electrical Engineering – University of Missouri, Columbia, MO

Recent Publications/Presentations:

M.I Elsaid, and A. M. Eldurssi, “A Heuristic Based Method to Distribution Network Reconfiguration for Loss Reduction and Service Restoration,” in proc. 9th MEPCON Conf., Egypt, Dec. 16-18, 2003.

A. M. Eldurssi, “Effect of Street Lighting on Road Accidents Reduction,” in Int. Conf. on road accidents, Benghazi, Libya, May 2008.

M. Eldurssi and R.M. O’Connell, “Power Distribution System Reconfiguration Using Fast Non-Dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm and Graph Theory,” in Proc. 2nd IASTED Int. Conf. on Power and Energy Systems and Applications (PESA), Las Vegas, USA, Nov. 2012.

M. Eldurssi and R.M. O’Connell, “A Fast Non-Dominated Sorting Guided Genetic Algorithm for Multi-Objective Power Distribution System Reconfiguration Problem,” IEEE Trans. Power Systems, Vol. 30, no. 2, pp. 593-601, Mar. 2015.

M. Eldurssi and R.M. O’Connell, “Performance Analysis of a New Algorithm for Power Distribution System Reconfiguration,” in the IEEE Proc. IECON Conf., Dallas, TX, Oct. 2014.