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Francine H. Hollis, PhD, CFS

Department Chair and Executive Director of Head Start and Early Head Start Program

(478) 825-6890

(478) 825-6078


Academic Program: Food and Nutrition, Infant and Child Development

  • Human perceptions to foods
  • Olfactory and trigeminal responses to vapor-phase stimuli
  • Odor-induced sensory modifications
  • Sensory methodology development
  • Food-related intervention strategies for health conditions
  • Instructional approaches and pedagogies

Doctor of Philosophy: Food Science and Technology, Concentration: Sensory Evaluation - Cornell University, Ithaca, NY (2011)

Bachelor of Science: Food Science and Technology - Alabama A&M University, Normal, AL (2008)


Recent Publications/Presentations:

F.H. Hollis, S.B. Denney, J.D. Halfacre, T.B. Jackson, D.N. Orr, and A.M. Link. 2019. Human perception of fresh produce treated with grape seed extract: A preliminary study. Journal of Sensory Studies 35(2): e12554.

F.H. Hollis and B.P Halpern. 2019. Qualitative alcoholic and dealcoholized wine vapor- phase stimuli perceptions using a citation frequency-based method. Journal of Wine Research 30(1): 78-93.

F. H. Hollis and F. Eren. 2016. Implementation of Real-World Experiential Learning in a Food Science Course Using a Food Industry-Integrated Approach. Journal of Food Science Education 15(4): 109-119.

F. H. Hollis. 2016. Impact of Food Science Professionals on Student Learning in an Academic Setting. NACTA Journal. 60(Supplement 1): 142.

F. H. Hollis and F. Eren. 2016. Making Sense out of Food: Sensory Stimulation as an Instructional Approach. NACTA Journal. 60(Supplement 1): 128.

R. E. Isaacs and F. H. Hollis. 2016. Odor-Induced Taste Modifications in Teas. 121. IFT Annual Meeting Technical Program Abstracts.

F.H. Hollis and B.P. Halpern. 2012. Assessment of Low-Density Polyethylene Squeeze Bottles in Delivering Wine Vapor-Phase Stimuli: A Preliminary Study. Journal of Sensory Studies 27(5): 314-323.