Emerging Leaders Interactive Training and Experience Program

The Emerging Leaders Interactive Training and Experience (ELITE) Program is a leadership and professional development training designed to produce future leaders that will satisfy the workforce demands in the agricultural sciences field. The program is designed to enhance the leadership skills of sophomores to mirror the competences exhibited by successful leaders in industry, government and educational institutions. This program is offered at Fort Valley State University and North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University.

The ELITE Program is designed to assist undergraduate students in their sophomore year by helping students develop leadership skills through participation in experimental activities, interaction with industry and community leaders, as well as exercising leadership roles in service learning projects.

This project is funded by USDA-NIFA 2013-38821-21266.


  1. To enhance participants' knowledge and understanding of the culture of the corporate business sector, academia and government.
  2. To increase participants' self-awareness and identify personal strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  3. To enhance participants' ability to communicate effectively and efficiently.
  4. To improve participants' interpersonal skills and abilities to work with diverse teams.


Students will receive an $800 stipend for successfully completing the ELITE Program. Students also will receive funds to participate in a professional conference. In addition to the funds, after completing the program, students will participate in a five to six day domestic tour exposing them to opportunities available in agribusiness firms, governmental agencies, and 1862 research institutions.

Applicant Eligibility Requirements

Application Procedures

Applicants for the ELITE Program must be admitted to the FVSU and submit a completed ELITE online application by October 1, 2015.

A completed application consists of:

  1. A signed application
  2. An unofficial transcript
  3. Two letters of recommendation (At least one letter must be completed by a professor, or administrator discussing the applicant's academic achievements, involvement in extracurricular and community activities.)

*Applicants are responsible for ensuring that letters of recommendations are received if arriving separate from the application. You may email your documents HERE.