FVSU 1890 Scholarship Program

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We are excited to announce the FVSU 1890 Scholarship Program for First Time College (FTC) and transfer undergraduate students who major in agriculture. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) funded scholarship will cover four years of education for qualified students who maintain requirements.

Qualified applicants should meet or exceed the following criteria:

Benefits of Scholarship

What is it eligible to cover?

Who can apply?

Application Process:

FVSU Future Freshmen Admissions (https://bit.ly/2vzGjcb).

  1. Complete FAFSA form.
  2. Complete FVSU application.
  3. Select major in CAFST.
  4. Apply for financial assistance:
    • HOPE
    • Others sources
    • Select FVSU 1890 Scholarship in CAFST
    • Confirm acceptance of award and pay fees
  5. Apply for the FVSU 1890 Scholarship.
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