Farmers, Extension agents participate in soil fertility workshop

Published By: Jeff Brothers March 22, 2017

Edward Bulcher (right), district manager of Grower Mineral Solutions, discusses soil sample techniques with Fort Valley State University Extension agents and farmers at the Agricultural Technology Conference Center.

Farmers and Extension agents looking to improve soil fertility and its effects on crops gathered at Fort Valley State University’s Agricultural Technology Conference Center (ATCC) March 7.

From 9 a.m.-2:30 p.m., a crowd of more than 30 people attended the Grower Mineral Solutions and Soil Fertility Workshop. During the workshop, farmers and agents received education and training about collecting soil samples. Attendees also learned how to have samples analyzed and how to use the results of the analysis to apply needed amounts of fertilizer to their crops. By following these practices, farmers could produce better yields. 

Attendees also listened to a presentation from Edward Bulcher, district manager of Grower Mineral Solutions, a fertilizer company located in Milan, Ohio. During the presentation, Bulcher discussed the importance of accurate soil samples and how products from his company helped farmers improve their yields.

Stinson Troutman, FVSU’s Irwin County, Extension agent moderated the event. “The purpose of the workshop is to enhance the farmer’s knowledge and make them aware of their surroundings, how to pull soil samples and increase their yields on the farm,” Troutman said. The FVSU Extension agent added that the workshop was very productive due to the turnout.

Johnny Green, a farmer from Sylvester, grows sugar cane and produce such as watermelon, okra, broccoli and collard greens. Green said the workshop taught him the importance of having the proper amount of calcium in the soil which can help him produce the yields he desires. He added he will apply the information from the workshop to his farming operation in Worth County.

For more information about future soil fertility workshops, contact Troutman at (478) 235-8696, (229) 468-7409 or