Fort Valley State University’s Family and Consumer Sciences Department add smoothie bikes to inventory

Published By: Russell Boone December 20, 2023

Fort Valley Mayor Jeffery Lundy pedals his way to a treat on a smoothie bike recently purchased by Fort Valley State University’s Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) Department. The bike was present during the city’s Christmas parade on December 9.

Fort Valley State University’s Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) Department recently purchased two smoothie bikes to help promote healthy eating habits.  

Kena Torbert, family life specialist for FVSU, said the idea to purchase smoothie bikes came from Sabrena Johnson, FVSU FACS agent for Peach County. Johnson saw a bike at a conference and inquired about acquiring one for FACS use. 

“I thought it would be a good idea for clients to enjoy a nutritional smoothie while getting in a little physical activity as well,” Johnson said. 

Torbert added that after conducting research on the bike’s possible educational impact, it was decided to purchase two bikes. “We will add them to our health and nutrition efforts and make them available to our county Extension offices,” the family life specialist said. 

The bikes will be stored on campus and used in coordination with FACS programs throughout the community. These programs will be coordinated with FACS staff and community partners. 

Johnson added that it is not hard to make a smoothie, and that any fresh frozen fruits or vegetables can be used to make the beverage. 

“The benefit of consuming a healthy smoothie is that it’s a way to get a variety of fruits and vegetables into your diet,” said the Peach County native. 

In September 2023, one of the machines drew attention at the Farmers, Landowners, and Ranchers Outreach Conference held at FVSU’s Agricultural Technology Conference Center (ATCC). 

Justen Perry, a senior biology major from Columbus, Georgia, mixes a smoothie on one of the smoothie bikes at the Farmers, Landowners and Ranchers Outreach Conference held in September.

The event featured displays covering agricultural subjects ranging from planting and harvesting to health and nutrition. Attendees lined up in droves to ride the apparatus.  

In discussing the bike’s popularity, Torbert said it was because participants could pick and choose their ingredients and pedal their way to a tasty treat. “What could be more fun.!” she exclaimed. 

For more information about FVSU’s FACS program, contact Torbert at (478) 825-6573 (