Twiggs County residents “keep jamming” at walkathon

Published By: Russell Boone April 13, 2018

Terralon Chaney (with sign), Fort Valley State University’s Twiggs County Extension agent, poses with participants of the “Twiggs Keep Jammin Walk-A-Thon” in Jeffersonville on April 11.

More than 36 residents of Twiggs County decided to spend the noonday hour burning calories by walking rather than consuming calories eating.

From April 10-13, residents gathered at the center of town in Jeffersonville to participate in the “Twiggs Keep Jammin Walk-A-Thon.” After completing a 1,500 step course, walkathon participants received free bottles of water, had their blood pressure checked and picked up information about diseases and conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and breast cancer.

Terralon Chaney, Fort Valley State University’s Twiggs County Extension agent, said events like the walkathon help bring awareness to diseases and conditions. “We just try to promote a healthy way of living and tell people to become active,” the FVSU Extension agent said.

Chaney said that for the past three or four years, she passes out a sign-up sheet to some of her clients asking them what chronic illness or disease they are battling. High blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and lupus topped the charts. She said these health issues spike an interest in wellness programs. 

Mabel Glover, a retiree who worked for 42-years at the Macon Housing Authority, said this is the second time she’s participated in a walkathon. She said she enjoys walking because it is beneficial to her health, and will attend more walkathons in the future.  

Chaney who is beginning plans for next year said she hopes to increase attendance and bring in health professionals to address the clients health issues.

For more information about future walkathons or events promoting healthy living in Twiggs County, contact Chaney at (478) 945-3391 or email