Twiggs County residents learn resume’ writing tips from Fort Valley State

Published By: Russell Boone September 13, 2018

Terralon Chaney (standing), Fort Valley State University Cooperative Extension agent for Twiggs County, gives pointers on resume’ writing to Twiggs County native Chaka Jordan on FVSU’s Mobile Information Technology Center during the Twiggs Works resume’ writing workshop in Jeffersonville on Sept. 5.

Job seekers in Twiggs County looking to enhance their employment opportunities attended a free resume writing workshop conducted by Fort Valley State University’s Cooperative Extension Program employees on Sept. 5.

From 9 a.m.-12 p.m., Twiggs County residents visited FVSU’s Mobile Information Technology Center (MITC), a computer classroom housed in a 72-foot semi-trailer, parked at the Twiggs County Development Authority Plaza, as part of the Twiggs Works job program.

Twiggs Works is a six week (Aug. 21-Sept. 25) session designed to help county residents with job preparedness. The third week (Sept. 4-7) focused on how to properly write a resume’ and what information prospective employers are looking for in the document.

Terralon Chaney, FVSU Extension agent for Twiggs County, said even though modern technology has developed data storage accessories such as USB flash drives, it is vital that people have a hard copy resume for employers. “It is important for our clients to have that paper resume’ because sometimes the USB drives get lost,” Chaney said.

“I just hope we can assist the young men and women in Twiggs County in getting jobs. Most of them are not prepared for what they need,” Chaney said explaining why she organized the workshop. “They want a job, but they are not doing what it takes to get the job. We want them to at least have that credential in their hand to say, ‘I have actually worked on this resume’, I’m prepared and I’ve gone through this six week work session because I want to work.’ There are too many young men and women still walking around in this community that don’t have a job,” Chaney said.

Chaka Jordan, a native of Jeffersonville, said she attended the workshop to make sure she properly prepares her resume and enhance her chances for employment. “I received a lot of helpful hints to make my resume better,” Jordan said. She said she is interested in pursuing a career in patient care and an improved resume will help her achieve that goal.

“I came to the workshop because I wanted to upgrade myself as an employee, to become better and maybe get a job with more benefits,” said Robin Adkins, a native of Danville. The Twiggs County native is appreciative of FVSU’s efforts to help the unemployed find work. “I think it’s wonderful because there are a lot of people in these small communities that don’t get this opportunity,” Adkins said.

She said that because the service FVSU provides is free, people need to take part and gain knowledge from it. Adkins said in addition to recreating her resume to improve her employment opportunities, she is doing the same for her son who is in school. “He’s getting ready to venture out and experience the workforce and he needs that opportunity to pursue a career as an electrician.”

For more information about the Twiggs Works program or other Extension programs in Twiggs County, contact Chaney at (478) 954-7540 or e-mail